Abandoned Animals

The last few weeks have seen us taking in quite a few abandoned animals.  I know we always get them, but some are more unusual than others and some are in a worse state than others, needing urgent medical treatment.

Rabbits abandoned, crammed into a small box.  Left in Alyn Waters Country Park, Llay, Wrexham.

Abandoned Rabbits


Cats left in a box in Rakes Lane one night recently.



Mickey, a cross breed dog about 9 months old.  Reuben, a whippet lurcher about 9-10 months old and Rene, a Jack Russell cross bitch about 2-3 years old.


Abandoned Dog 1


Abandoned Dog 2


Abandoned Dog 3

Al is a German Shepherd dog who was brought in by the Dog Warden, so far unclaimed.  He is extremely emaciated, no fur, had cataracts and when he was brought in he wasn’t far from dying.  He is now getting 5 small feeds a day and, although still a little wobbly on his legs, is improving daily.



Al 2


Queenie, a female white goat who was abandoned and found wandering around Queensferry.




Horace, a large male Alpine goat, found wandering in Penyffordd.




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