Neglected Yorkshire Terrier

A yorkshire terrier was brought in by the Dog Warden and although she was well fed she was terribly matted and dirty, with claws so overgrown that the dog was in constant pain.  After being clipped and bathed she was found to have open weeping sores on her hind legs.  Her dew claws were clipped off at the vets, these hind claws had grown round and round like coiled springs.  The front claws were growing into her leg.  The rest of her claws were badly overgrown.  This little dog was clearly in pain and distressed.  This is the result of long term neglect.

Yorkie before

Before treatment.


Yorkie after

After treatment


Yorkie sore

The open sore on the hind leg.


Overgrown claws

The overgrown spiralled dew claws.

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