Dumped Guinea Pigs

This unit had been found this morning dumped in our car park, in the early hours. In the top are two guinea pigs, in the bottom there is what seems to be a mother and two youngsters. It would have been so much better for us and for the animals if the owners had just asked us to take them in, that way we could have important information such as, age, sex, any treatment given or needed. It costs us money every time this happens as we have to have a vet investigate all possible problems with 5 animals, instead of being advised quite simply. We ask, please, that anyone in a similar situation conquers any embarrassment, fear or other associated feelings which causes them to dump animals at our doors, please, pick up the phone prior, email us or message us on facebook, we are here for the animals and have no further interest in your reasoning, the least that you could do is save us the few precious pounds that fund our charitable organisation by contacting us to arrange the animals to come in within the proper channels.

This sort of homemade housing is just not suitable to house animals. The doors has been screwed closed and the wood was porous soaking up all the urine. It would be very simple for them to have chewed their way out. These particular animals are on urine sodden hay with urine sodden paper underneath. After our first examination the little things seem to have a couple of nasty scars and a mite infestation. They’ll be taken to the vet at the first opportunity and we hope that there is no further issues.

Although we’d like to think there was a moral expectation from human beings this is clearly not enough of some, the law is also on our side in circumstances like this, owners of animals have a legal responsibility to ensure suitable housing, basic health care, such as claw clipping, teeth checking, flea & mite treatment, worming, neutering. Before getting a pet, potential owners need to do research into the needs of their wanted pet, if they cannot afford to meet those needs then they should find an alternative pet which they can meet the needs of.


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