Win the Tin – from Ocean Finance

We have been offered the opportunity to win upto £5000, through Ocean Finances new Win the Tin promotions. You can also win £250 for every entry.

First round is to get as many people as possible to nominate Capricorn Animal Rescue, the top 20 will then be drawn to another vote across the UK.

Please click on the following link and enter ‘Capricorn Animal Rescue’ in the charities name field

Please, a couple of clicks from you could make all the difference for thousands of animals – Sheila Stewart, Founder

£5000 would be a huge help, this could pay for 1 months food, 2months standard vet bill, or for our new Cattery Isolation units (which we are in desperate need of). Without funds like this we would not be able to rescue over 3000 animals a year, including Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and plenty of wildlife too. The rescue is run by dedicated volunteers who will attest to the amount of work involved and the benefits £5000 would bring to animals across the north west

Please click on the following link and enter ‘Capricorn Animal Rescue’ in the charities name field

What happens?

There are two stages. In the first 4 weeks – nomination stage -, charities will be given the chance to get their supporters and members of the public to nominate them. This stage ends on the 21st of November. When stage 1 closes, the 20 charities who got the most nominations will be shortlisted. Stage 2 – the voting opens on the 24th of November, and closes on the 12th of December. There will be 3 winners based on number of votes. The winners will be announced in week commencing 15th December.

  1. Place £5000
  2. Place £500
  3. Place £250

There will also be a prize draw for members of the public nominating and voting for charities, one voter will win £250.



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