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 After a receiving a call for help from a gentleman in Brymbo, Wrexham to take some of his cats, four volunteers, two vehicles with a large number of carry boxes arrived at his address to find that there were a large number of cats in an extremely poor condition.  The volunteers started catching cats at around 6 p.m. and arrived back at the Sanctuary with thirty of them at around 10.30, where each cat was unloaded, assessed and housed in the Cattery units and isolation area.  They were all unsocialised, with a very serious feal infestation, wormy, many with bad eye conditions, some of it due to the ammonia in the house, all of the females were pregnant and one poor little mite, we named her Curly as she has a deformed tail, is only about the size of a four month old kitten was heavily pregnant but couldn’t pass the kittens.  She was aborted and spayed the very next day to save her life, one other female cat who was also pregnang had a very serious infection in her uterous, her kittens were also aborted and she was spayed to save her life, she is still at the vets in isolation recovering, from the surgery and infection.One male cat had an eye injury cause by it being pierced by a nail, most of them have cat flu, and various other conditions.  Our vets came out to the Sanctuary the very next day to check the cats over and recommend medical treatment necessary and to work out a treatment and neutering schedule.  We are taking in 6 cats a day to the Veterinary Hospital at the moment, starting with the most serious.


It is going to take us at least two or three months to get these cats fit and well and ready for adoption.  It is going to cost the Sanctuary at least £4,500 if not more, when they have all recovered they are all to be inoculated and chipped as well.  We are desperate for help in raising the funds for the treatment of these cats.  Our vets at the Grange Veterinary Hospital in Mold have been absolutely wonderful in their treatment of the cats and of saving the lives of those that were really poorly.


We are a small, local Animal Rescue and Sanctuary but when we get a call, we respond, and whereas we are usually self funding with our Charity Shop, Car Boot Sales, Book Sales on the local Market, raffles etc., thiis amount we have to find on top of our normal veterinary bill of £1000 per week is a challenge and we cannot do it alone tis time, we need help from animal carers, animal lovers and pet owners.

 UPDATE….  25th March, 2016

This is Basil, though we have now named her Baz, she is one of the final five cats from Brymbo which we have removed on Wednesday night, after we found out that the owner had kept six c ats back.  We were told that one cat was removed by an I nspector from a national animal welfare.  We removed the final five.  Baz, is extremely emaciated, all of her bones can be felt, she is fur and bone.  She was rushed into the Grange Veterinary Hospital in Mold for emergency treatment.  She needed urgent dental surgery, her font leg was unusable to her and after X Rays it was found that she had broken it some time in the past and it has self healed, though not in the correct position and is now twisted and facing outwards to the side.  She is too emaciated and weak to undergo the surgery necessary on her leg, so at the moment she is on painkillers and antibiotics and as soon as she has built up enough strength and weight, she will have surgery to sort out her leg.  The other four cats we removed at the same time as Baz all  need neutering, worming, flea treatment, antiobiotics and feeding up, although Baz is far the worst of the five. 

This will, of course, add to the costs of care and treatment of the now 35 Brymbo cats.

Please, help us to help these thirty, very, very, needy,

neglected cats. …. please use the link at

tom of the page to donate thanks





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