Big thanks to Pets at home for Life Line vouchers from Poppet

Hello, my name is Poppet, at least that is what Sheila, the lady who is caring for me, calls me. Apparently, my Momma, three brothers and sisters and myself were brought into the Sanctuary, I don’t remember as I was very young, I didn’t even have my eyes open. It was good to be safe, warm and dry in the Sanctuary, but I was smaller than my siblings, and then they started to push me away from my Momma, I tried to feed from her but I couldn’t. then Momma moved the others away to another part of the pen and left me behind, I called to her but she didn’t come back for me. then Sheila found me, told me I was the runt (I don’t think that is good) she took me into the office, but told me that she had run out of kitten rearing milk, then a Lifelines voucher came through from Pets at Home, Sheila went off and purchased kitten rearing milk, just for me (but I don’t like it) Sheila says I will get used to it and even to like it (I don’t think so). Sheila says I am as fiesty as a tiger cub, (I think this is good) and that I have a good chance of surviving (I think this is good, also) I am in the office in a box of my own, with a heat pad and a warm towl and a little teddy bear to cuddle up to. Sheila is feeding me every couple of hours, and she tells me she is pleased with my progress. Sheila says that the Lifelines vouchers from Pets at Home, sometimes really are a lifeline. (She also bought six new dishes for the older cats in the cattery)

I am doing my best to survive but i still don’t like the milk but Sheila says that as my Momma isn’t a cow, she cannot go and milk her to get me Mommas milk.

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