“Following an extensive review of the Charity’s affairs, the Interim Manager recommended the cessation of the Charity’s operations due to significant concerns over the financial position, the governance structure and its long term efficacy. These findings were accepted by the Charity Commission. 


Working closely with the RSPCA throughout the duration of his appointment and having concluded that the Charity is no longer viable, resulted in a need to rehome the animals at the Sanctuary, with the assistance of the RSPCA.  On 27 November 2018, the RSPCA moved 137 animals being cared for at the Sanctuary to boarding and specialised establishments for further care.  There remain a small number of animals that the RSPCA were not able to remove and the Interim Manager is considering options, if possible, to rehome these animals.


Regrettably, the Sanctuary is closed and the Charity is no longer able to provide a home to animals in need of care.”

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