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Big thanks to Pets at home for Life Line vouchers from Poppet

Hello, my name is Poppet, at least that is what Sheila, the lady who is caring for me, calls me. Apparently, my Momma, three brothers and sisters and myself were brought into the Sanctuary, I don’t remember as I was very young, I didn’t even have my eyes open. It was good to be safe, warm and dry in the Sanctuary, but I was smaller than my siblings, and then they started to push me away from my Momma, I tried to feed from her but I couldn’t. then Momma moved the others away to another part of the pen and left me behind, I called to her but she didn’t come back for me. then Sheila found me, told me I was the runt (I don’t think that is good) she took me into the office, but told me that she had run out of kitten rearing milk, then a Lifelines voucher came through from Pets at Home, Sheila went off and purchased kitten rearing milk, just for me (but I don’t like it) Sheila says I will get used to it and even to like it (I don’t think so). Sheila says I am as fiesty as a tiger cub, (I think this is good) and that I have a good chance of surviving (I think this is good, also) I am in the office in a box of my own, with a heat pad and a warm towl and a little teddy bear to cuddle up to. Sheila is feeding me every couple of hours, and she tells me she is pleased with my progress. Sheila says that the Lifelines vouchers from Pets at Home, sometimes really are a lifeline. (She also bought six new dishes for the older cats in the cattery)

I am doing my best to survive but i still don’t like the milk but Sheila says that as my Momma isn’t a cow, she cannot go and milk her to get me Mommas milk.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, all of you who sent good wishes and prayers and to the vets for their care and dedication because I would like you all to meet Chivers, the little ginger and white and Tarquin, the handsome black and white, both alive and doing well. they are going into a foster home until they have grown a bit more, then they will be put up for adoption.

Little Chivers is a fighter, she was determined to live, none of us, including the vet, thought she was going to make it and for a couple of days, apparently, it was touch and go, but she has pulled through, she has made it. We are so pleased to be able to pass on this good news to all of you who thought of her.

Help the Brymbo 30


 After a receiving a call for help from a gentleman in Brymbo, Wrexham to take some of his cats, four volunteers, two vehicles with a large number of carry boxes arrived at his address to find that there were a large number of cats in an extremely poor condition.  The volunteers started catching cats at around 6 p.m. and arrived back at the Sanctuary with thirty of them at around 10.30, where each cat was unloaded, assessed and housed in the Cattery units and isolation area.  They were all unsocialised, with a very serious feal infestation, wormy, many with bad eye conditions, some of it due to the ammonia in the house, all of the females were pregnant and one poor little mite, we named her Curly as she has a deformed tail, is only about the size of a four month old kitten was heavily pregnant but couldn’t pass the kittens.  She was aborted and spayed the very next day to save her life, one other female cat who was also pregnang had a very serious infection in her uterous, her kittens were also aborted and she was spayed to save her life, she is still at the vets in isolation recovering, from the surgery and infection.One male cat had an eye injury cause by it being pierced by a nail, most of them have cat flu, and various other conditions.  Our vets came out to the Sanctuary the very next day to check the cats over and recommend medical treatment necessary and to work out a treatment and neutering schedule.  We are taking in 6 cats a day to the Veterinary Hospital at the moment, starting with the most serious.


It is going to take us at least two or three months to get these cats fit and well and ready for adoption.  It is going to cost the Sanctuary at least £4,500 if not more, when they have all recovered they are all to be inoculated and chipped as well.  We are desperate for help in raising the funds for the treatment of these cats.  Our vets at the Grange Veterinary Hospital in Mold have been absolutely wonderful in their treatment of the cats and of saving the lives of those that were really poorly.


We are a small, local Animal Rescue and Sanctuary but when we get a call, we respond, and whereas we are usually self funding with our Charity Shop, Car Boot Sales, Book Sales on the local Market, raffles etc., thiis amount we have to find on top of our normal veterinary bill of £1000 per week is a challenge and we cannot do it alone tis time, we need help from animal carers, animal lovers and pet owners.

 UPDATE….  25th March, 2016

This is Basil, though we have now named her Baz, she is one of the final five cats from Brymbo which we have removed on Wednesday night, after we found out that the owner had kept six c ats back.  We were told that one cat was removed by an I nspector from a national animal welfare.  We removed the final five.  Baz, is extremely emaciated, all of her bones can be felt, she is fur and bone.  She was rushed into the Grange Veterinary Hospital in Mold for emergency treatment.  She needed urgent dental surgery, her font leg was unusable to her and after X Rays it was found that she had broken it some time in the past and it has self healed, though not in the correct position and is now twisted and facing outwards to the side.  She is too emaciated and weak to undergo the surgery necessary on her leg, so at the moment she is on painkillers and antibiotics and as soon as she has built up enough strength and weight, she will have surgery to sort out her leg.  The other four cats we removed at the same time as Baz all  need neutering, worming, flea treatment, antiobiotics and feeding up, although Baz is far the worst of the five. 

This will, of course, add to the costs of care and treatment of the now 35 Brymbo cats.

Please, help us to help these thirty, very, very, needy,

neglected cats. …. please use the link at

tom of the page to donate thanks





Artists draw the line for Animals

A new event is making waves in the North West raising money for local animal charities, is a new biennial event in aid of Capricorn Animal Rescue organised by local dedicated volunteers. Mixing Art, Animals and Ebay to raise funds for animals in need from the North West.

Clive Williamson opening the Art Auction

Clive Williamson opening the Art Auction

To celebrate the start of the Auction, St Davids Hotel in Ewloe donated a room to them on Sunday 31st May to display a Gallery of the artwork on the start date. The event was opened by Clive Williamson, a dedicated volunteer of over 10 years who is responsible for Capricorn Animal Rescue being one of the leading British ferret rescues. Even at 70 years old Clive is a very active volunteer and proof of the great effect retiree volunteers can make to rescue centre all around the UK.

Daniel Rose said “We’re so impressed by the support we’ve been given in the local community, some of the pieces are already valued at over £100, we’re hoping to raise over £1000 in total for this event but can’t do it without everyones help, if people visit they can see the pieces with links to eBay to bid.”

Organised by Cathy Sue, of Dexterity Ink & Daniel Rose, the geek of the partnership, between them with over 10 months of work, they have managed to gather the support of international artists who, in total, have donated over 46 pieces of art which are being auctioned off to raise important funds for the rescue centre based near Mold.

For anyone wanting to bid please visit

Thanks to Fresh & Tasty of Gresford

I would like to thank Fresh & Tasty of Gresford for raising and donating £104 . 10p Thank you so much for your kind and generous donation.

Injured Buzzard

Just returned from an emergency call about a bird of prey down on a driveway. A large national animal group had been called first but they could not come out until some time tomorrow, by then the bird could have died. I could not leave the poor young Buzzard to lie on a concrete driveway, in the freezing cold, frightened, injured and in pain. The bird is now safely back at the Sanctuary, is slowly calming down and has already started to eat a little. It looks as if he has flown into something and caught one of his wings. We will know more after a visit to the vets.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day from all at Capricorn. If you and your mother or grandmother would like to spend some quality time together and do some good for animals, you could always come and volunteer to help us! (Volunteers start from 10am – visiting hours from 1pm – 4pm)
Mummy guinea pig with her 7 day old baby’s. Will be several more weeks until these are ready to fly the nest, she has a lot more work to do yet!

Win The Tin – £5000 – We’ve made the shortlist

Win The Tin – £5000 – We’ve made the shortlist

WTT-Badge-20We’ve very pleased to announce we’ve made the shortlist as one of the most nominated charities for Ocean Finances’ Win the Tin promotion. We’re now in the running to win £5000 and for one of you lucky nominators to win £250!!

Please Vote

We now need votes to make a difference to over 3000 animals a year! We have until the 12th December to vote as many times as you can to provide us with the best Christmas present of £5000 announced on the 15th December!

Win the Tin – from Ocean Finance

We have been offered the opportunity to win upto £5000, through Ocean Finances new Win the Tin promotions. You can also win £250 for every entry.

First round is to get as many people as possible to nominate Capricorn Animal Rescue, the top 20 will then be drawn to another vote across the UK.

Please click on the following link and enter ‘Capricorn Animal Rescue’ in the charities name field

Please, a couple of clicks from you could make all the difference for thousands of animals – Sheila Stewart, Founder

£5000 would be a huge help, this could pay for 1 months food, 2months standard vet bill, or for our new Cattery Isolation units (which we are in desperate need of). Without funds like this we would not be able to rescue over 3000 animals a year, including Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and plenty of wildlife too. The rescue is run by dedicated volunteers who will attest to the amount of work involved and the benefits £5000 would bring to animals across the north west

Please click on the following link and enter ‘Capricorn Animal Rescue’ in the charities name field

What happens?

There are two stages. In the first 4 weeks – nomination stage -, charities will be given the chance to get their supporters and members of the public to nominate them. This stage ends on the 21st of November. When stage 1 closes, the 20 charities who got the most nominations will be shortlisted. Stage 2 – the voting opens on the 24th of November, and closes on the 12th of December. There will be 3 winners based on number of votes. The winners will be announced in week commencing 15th December.

  1. Place £5000
  2. Place £500
  3. Place £250

There will also be a prize draw for members of the public nominating and voting for charities, one voter will win £250.



Dumped Guinea Pigs

This unit had been found this morning dumped in our car park, in the early hours. In the top are two guinea pigs, in the bottom there is what seems to be a mother and two youngsters. It would have been so much better for us and for the animals if the owners had just asked us to take them in, that way we could have important information such as, age, sex, any treatment given or needed. It costs us money every time this happens as we have to have a vet investigate all possible problems with 5 animals, instead of being advised quite simply. We ask, please, that anyone in a similar situation conquers any embarrassment, fear or other associated feelings which causes them to dump animals at our doors, please, pick up the phone prior, email us or message us on facebook, we are here for the animals and have no further interest in your reasoning, the least that you could do is save us the few precious pounds that fund our charitable organisation by contacting us to arrange the animals to come in within the proper channels.

This sort of homemade housing is just not suitable to house animals. The doors has been screwed closed and the wood was porous soaking up all the urine. It would be very simple for them to have chewed their way out. These particular animals are on urine sodden hay with urine sodden paper underneath. After our first examination the little things seem to have a couple of nasty scars and a mite infestation. They’ll be taken to the vet at the first opportunity and we hope that there is no further issues.

Although we’d like to think there was a moral expectation from human beings this is clearly not enough of some, the law is also on our side in circumstances like this, owners of animals have a legal responsibility to ensure suitable housing, basic health care, such as claw clipping, teeth checking, flea & mite treatment, worming, neutering. Before getting a pet, potential owners need to do research into the needs of their wanted pet, if they cannot afford to meet those needs then they should find an alternative pet which they can meet the needs of.


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