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Maddie the Boxer Cross

Maddie, a boxer type bitch, was brought in through the Dog Warden and unclaimed.  She was extremely underweight when she came in to us at Capricorn, she was very nervous and stressed.  Spine, hips and ribs were prominent through her skin.  She has put on weight, gained confidence, and is looking really good now.

Maddie now

Maddie now.

Mac the Kitten

macMac, the kitten pictured below, was covered in tarmac and left to die. He is now recovering from his horrific ordeal, but his vet bills are going to be high. We are having a “Photo Cat Show” to raise funds to pay his vet’s bills. If you have a cat, please help us to look after Mac

Meg the Border Collie

Gem was hit on the head and the wound was so deep that I could fit my finger into it. She is only four months old, she has not had much of a life so far, but she still loves and trusts people.

Meg the Neopolitan Mastiff

meg2This is Meg, a Neopolitan Mastiff. She is under 2 years of age, terribly underweight from having been not fed correctly for at least three months. When we first took her into the Grange Veterinary Hospital she had a temperature, her back legs could hardly support her and she was scared of everything.

At first she could not tolerate food and I had to put a small amount of Chappie mixed with egg into her mouth, close her mouth and wait for her to swallow. Gradually she improved, she is now on three meals a day; breakfast is Chappie with fish in oil, dinner is Chappie with added calcium and a cod liver oil capsule, supper is Chappie with an egg and she is responding well. She now goes for slow, short walks and she is putting on weight. BUT, as she increases her weight, her back legs become more painful for her as she has osteo-arthritis in both of her back knees and unless she has major surgery she will be in constant pain and crippled so badly she will have to be put down. We have to build up her weight and strength so that she can withstand the surgery, but it must be soon.

The surgery is going to be expensive and so we are appealing to anyone who can help with a donation, no matter how little, to save Meg’s legs. If you wish to help her, you can send your donation to us at Capricorn or to S. Evans, Megs Account, Grange Veterinary Hospital, Tyddyn Street, Mold, Flintshire.

meg1The Flintshire Leader did a great feature on Meg, with her photograph on the front page, to publicise our appeal and slowly donations are coming in for her.

One lady in Wrexham is knitting toys and raffling them to raise funds for Meg, the Griffin Inn in Llanbedr is collecting for Meg, another lady is taking a poster about Meg and collecting box into work to collect donations. A lovely young couple came to the gate and handed me a carrier bag and jar full of change, there was over £68 altogether!

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