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I want to adopt an animal, what do i do?
We would love you to adopt an animal, and each animal has their own needs when it comes to adoption. But the starting point is to visit the rescue between our visiting hours of 1-4pm any day of the week and see which animal you would like to rescue into a loving home. (Please note that viewing Ferrets and socialisation Rabbits or Guinea Pigs are all by appointment only, which can be made by calling us on 01244 547938). From time to time certain animals we get in have additional needs which may be medical or may need additional requirements beyond this standard list, which will be explained when you visit.

Yes No
Dogs/Puppies Somebody is at home at least part time during the day,
Secure Garden
Children under 5
Circumstances are likely to change in the near future
Cats/Kittens Time available for inclusion Circumstances are likely to change in the near future
Rabbits/GuineaPigs Suitable enclosure, Need a new friend for one you already have or are adopting more than one Want a Rabbit or GuineaPig to live on it’s own
Ferrets Ferret proof enclosure, Looking for a ferret as a pet Looking for a working ferret

No animals are to be used for Breeding and kittens/puppies must be neutered at 6 months old. We do not allow pets to be adopted out as presents and the person who will be the primary carer for the animal must view the animal at the rescue before adoption.

Adoption Donation Prices
All our bills are paid by donations alone. The majority of animals we have available for adoption have a set minimum donation which must be met for adoption. The minimum donation for each type of animal is based in the amount paid at the vets to get each type of animal ready for adoption.

Animal Min Donation Benefits
Dogs/Puppies £120 Chipped, Inoculated, Neutered (or on a voucher scheme), Insured for 4 weeks, Flea, worm and mite treated
Cats/Kittens £50 Chipped, Inoculated, Neutered (or on a voucher scheme), Insured for 4 weeks, Flea, worm and mite treated
Ferrets £30 Chipped, Neutered, Flea, worm and mite treated
Rabbits £50 Inoculated, Neutered, Chipped, Insured for 4 weeks, Mite and worm treated
Guinea Pigs £30 Neutered (males only), Mite treated
Small Furries (Rats, Mice, etc.) Phone for details All are mite treated, Health checked, Our Male Rats are Neutered
Poultry Phone for details  Mite treated, Health checked

These are only minimum donations you are very welcome to donate more on adoption, it takes more than the minimum donation to get each animal ready for adoption, as seen by our vet bill in 2015 was over £70,000.

Capricorns History
Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary was established in Flintshire in November 1983. The charity was founded to care for abandoned, unwanted, neglected and orphaned animals. To nurse them back to health, re-train, socialise and then to find them loving homes or to release them back into the wild. One of the core aims of the charity is to educate in the welfare and care of domestic pets throughout the North West.

Capricorn is totally self-funded, having to raise over £250,000 each year to fund the Sanctuary which is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and 3 staff.

What does Capricorn do?
We we work with Police, Social Services, Child Protection, Housing, Dog Wardens, vets, park wardens and the public in providing advice and taking in animals in need. We are proud to say that we help many, many people too, people who have been evicted or are moving into ‘no pet accommodation‘ , who have been taken into a refuge or witness protection, people whose relatives have died, people who are in hospital, or a hospice and we rehome their pets into loving homes giving them confidence that their furry loved ones will continue to be properly cared for. Colleges, schools and universities book students into our Work Experience scheme sometimes for a week, sometimes for a year. We also have great success with our partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh awards and Welsh Baccalaureate.

Since we became established we have taken in, on average, 3,000 animals in need each year, this means that we have saved, nursed back to health, re-homed or released around 90,000 animals and birds. We take in and nurse many animals that other rescue centres would not take in, we give long term care or treatment.

Capricorn has a non-euthanasia policy and whenever possible takes in and saves dogs that are on Death Row in council pounds in other parts of the country. Over 10,000 dogs are destroyed each year in council dog pounds in this country. Flintshire County Council is one of the few councils that have a non euthanasia policy and works closely with local rescue centres. Our aim is to establish a Re-homing Centre locally, where many more animal lives can be saved.

We are available for help and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I Volunteer?
We rely fully on volunteers please see www.capricornrescue.org/volunteering/ for more information
How can I Donate?

It takes around £250,000 to run the rescue every year. We can accepted donations via Virgin Giving, Paypal, to any of our partners who have donation boxes, via Cheque (Made out to Capricorn Animal Rescue), in person at our rescue centre or any of our shops, by standing order and by Text;

Text “CAPR24 £5” to ‘70070‘ to donate £5

We can also accept donations of pet food, toys, beds, bowls, treats and tools to help us with our work there is a list of items needed on our Amazon wish list.

How to find Capricorn Rescue Centre

Based in Padeswood we are located near Penyffordd Railway Station, although the rescue is not signposted it is well known and easy to find. If you use SatNav our postcode is CH7 4HZ.


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