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Luke and Leah

Luke and Leah are brother and sister, they came in to us from a dog pound in north Lancashire, they were on death row and about to be put down, not for any other reason than they were unclaimed but they would not be claimed as they had both been dumped after serving their purpose as bait dogs to bloody the potential fighting dogs.  Bait dogs are muzzled, chained to a post and the pit bulls practice on them, the bait dogs are used over and over again, they are starved and finally killed or abandoned.

When they came in they were both covered in old scars, fresh scars and even fresh wounds, they were like walking skeletons.  It took us months to bring these dogs round, they didn’t trust people, they were nervous and frightened of people and other dogs.  Some of their wounds were infected and they needed very careful, regulated feeding to bring them up to fitness.  They have now both been found loving homes.

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