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Thanks to Fresh & Tasty of Gresford

I would like to thank Fresh & Tasty of Gresford for raising and donating £104 . 10p Thank you so much for your kind and generous donation.

Injured Buzzard

Just returned from an emergency call about a bird of prey down on a driveway. A large national animal group had been called first but they could not come out until some time tomorrow, by then the bird could have died. I could not leave the poor young Buzzard to lie on a concrete driveway, in the freezing cold, frightened, injured and in pain. The bird is now safely back at the Sanctuary, is slowly calming down and has already started to eat a little. It looks as if he has flown into something and caught one of his wings. We will know more after a visit to the vets.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day from all at Capricorn. If you and your mother or grandmother would like to spend some quality time together and do some good for animals, you could always come and volunteer to help us! (Volunteers start from 10am – visiting hours from 1pm – 4pm)
Mummy guinea pig with her 7 day old baby’s. Will be several more weeks until these are ready to fly the nest, she has a lot more work to do yet!

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