Truffle Fund

Please help her walk normally for the first time in her life

Truffle was born with a very rare genetic condition, with part of the bone missing in her front leg. She was taken to The Grange Veterinary hospital in Mold where the condition was first diagnosed. At this time they didn’t think that anything could be done, other than to amputate the leg when she had grown. However they didn’t give up on her and after discussing her condition for some time they think they may be able to help her by rebuilding her leg so that she can walk on her front paw.

The surgery and after-care will cost an estimated £1200 if all goes well, but she won’t be able to have this work done until she is a little older, so we have a couple of months to raise the funds needed for the operation, hopefully she can have a fully working leg in time for Christmas.
We have set-up a Truffle fund to raise money for her operation and anyone who wishes to help this fantastic little kitten can fundraise with us or support others who are fundraising for her to walk normally

Click here to funraise for Truffle or Click here to Donate to Capricorn Animal Rescue

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