Volunteer Videos

YOU could be helping at the Sanctuary, YOU could be joining in the fun and helping to SAVE the lives of animals we care for in the Sanctuary.



One of our dogs, Toby, a young whippet lurcher, having been adopted, now being bathed by one of our volunteers, ready to be delivered to his new home.  Just one of the great fun things our volunteers get to take part in at the Sanctuary.  Of course, it is always fun to watch and see just who is getting the wettest  !


Anwen with the 3 pups, puppy walking, getting dogs and puppies used to being on a lead, especially when they are from ‘ puppy farms ‘ and unsocialised and frightened of everything around them.  It takes time, patience and understanding but is well worthwhile, when they are adopted.

Ferret walking,  Another type of animal that enjoys going for walkies.  Ferrets enjoy outings just as much as dogs do, but perhaps taking four at once was a bit over optimistic.  they are very active, mischievous, high spirited little animals.

Tony dog walking, One of our volunteers walking Toby, round the perimeter of a field, in accordance with the Country Code.  there are two footpaths across this field, but as the farmer chooses to crop over the footpaths, our volunteers keep to the perimeters.

Planting.  Not only the animals need caring for at the Sanctuary, there is plenty of other jobs       to be done, such as planting different plants in the flower boxes, weeding, etc.  We have volunteers who come along just to do this for us and it creates a really colourful backdrop    along all of the paths and round the seating areas at the Sanctuary.

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