Volunteering for Capricorn

Capricorn is only possible due to its teams of dedicated volunteers, however we are ALWAYS needing more, in all areas of our work, from fundraising and administration to events and charity shops. All our volunteers enjoy their days at Capricorn having a close knit community of people, teamwork is a big part of your day and certainly adds an enjoyable social side to volunteering. If you can donate a few hours to help it would help so much more than you could ever think.

The more help we get, the more animals we can save! Come help us save lives ♥

Rescue Center

General Volunteering

1005149_10151730874149309_1500717288_nCleaning, feeding, brushing, supporting, playing with and training the menagerie of over 300 animals including Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Kestrels, Owls, Lizards, Terrapins, Ducks, Chicken, Geese, Sheep, Goats and pigs. There are always more experienced volunteers to aid you and do not worry you won’t be asked to deal with animals you are scared of.

Hours: 10am – 2pm for general feeding and cleaning

11am – 4pm for dog walking

Clothing: Anything you don’t mind getting dirty, weather appropriate, and we’d suggest wellies or boots

Age: 14+ (anyone under 18 will need parental consent forms to be signed in person at the rescue, we want your parents to see where and what you’ll be doing before giving their consent)

Most volunteers tend to bring lunch and a cold drink (a Microwave and Kettle is available)



It takes a team of people to support all our animals on a daily basis, this means that sometimes the maintenance of our facilities is neglected as the animals are always our priority. If you have skills that you can provide to us be it Plumbing, Carpentry, Gardening, Painting & Decorating & Electricians or any other services, we would love to have a list of people we could rely on when problems arise.


Dog Walking

IMG_20140420_160523968_20140501234915999We always have a wide variety of dogs of varying size and breed for all experiences, some need long walks some only short walks and we will not ask you to walk a dog you do not feel comfortable with. There are footpaths and road walks all around the sanctuary, which on a daily basis our volunteers walk nearly 40 miles, so please help our poor feet and come walk some dogs for us.

Hours: 11am – 4 pm

Clothing: Anything you don’t mind getting dirty, weather appropriate, and we’d suggest wellies or boots

Age: Must be 18 to walk, however adults may take children (aged 5 and over) with them at their discretion, we attach two leads so your child feels like they are walking the dog too.



IMG_20140605_115108567_HDRWe have shops in Mold, Wrexham and Flint who all provide a revenue into the animals we support and is a vital part of our activities. We could do with some dedicated people that can offer at least 4 hours a week, taking a regular morning or afternoon shift within the store. On day to day basis you’d be asked to help sorting and price items, help our customers with their questions and arrange window displays.

Hours: min 4 hours between 10am and 4pm (1 half-day per week)

Clothing: Presentable and comfortable, most shops you will be on your feet during most of your shift so comfortable shoes are a must.

Age: 14+ (anyone under 18 will need parental consent forms to be signed by a parent or guardian)


Stock Organisers

IMG_20140605_121909522We are so grateful for all the items that are donated, but we get so much our warehouses and stock rooms are full, it takes many hours to sort, arrange and price all the items that we are given, it takes around an hour to sort, arrange and price every bin bag of items that are donated to us and without this help the items will never end up on the shop floor and won’t bring in the much needed money for the animals.

Hours: min 4 hours between 10am and 4pm (1 half-day per week)

Clothing: Presentable and comfortable, most shops you will be on your feet during most of your shift so comfortable shoes are a must.

Age: 14+ (anyone under 18 will need parental consent forms to be signed by a parent or guardian)



1069348_10151984211124309_509193984_nA major focus in our charitable calendar, we are wholly supported by donations and every penny raised goes to supporting nearly 3000 animals a year. Our calender is full of tombolas, function days, sponsored events and donation drives. If you have a friendly, approachable and confident personality we would love to have you on board to help with these days. The days vary all we’d need is advance notice of what events we can rely on you to be at to help us See Events.

Hours: Normally around 4 hours, but varies by event

Clothing: Presentable and comfortable, you may be on your feet for the duration.

Age: 18+ (We need adults to attend events to be the representative of Capricorn and will normally require their own transport)


Self Organised Events

1497707_10152122951584309_1944744222_nDo you have the know-how to organise an event? If so, can you arrange one to help fund all the life saving work we do? We can provide all sorts of marketing materials and leaflets and also for some of the larger events we can even bring some animals. We have pepole organise donation days at work, cake bakes in the office, boot sales, food collection drives but ANY event idea would be considered so please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Young Peoples Fundraising

10330403_10152447509779309_298810869181861337_nWe love to see younger people getting involved and showing their charitable natures early on, every so often we have children who have given their pocket money, sold their toys, made bracelets or done sponsored silence to help Capricorn. Its heart-warming to see the next generation already so determined to make a better life for animals. If your children have done something to support us, please contact us as we will arrange for a presentation Certificate of Thanks and a quick tour around our rescue centre with some animal introductions, email us at [email protected]

Schools / DoE / Work Experience

1960008_10152350638574309_884241080_nWe have lots of interest volunteering for younger people, but the time frames are important as we always have a flood of younger people at the end of the school year, sadly we cannot accept everyone as we do not have the facilities to train and monitor all those who would like to attend, that’s why we work on a first-come, first-served basis. We are rather strict with those who volunteer via schemes and we will not allow those who are not motivated and willing to learn to continue with the course as they are blocking someone else who would do so much more for the charity for this reason we would suggest prior to application for one of these schemes that you spend one weekend volunteering at the rescue so that you fully see what is expected.


Groups / Corporate Volunteering

577683_10151546393559309_1748425416_nWe love it when groups arrange to support us for a day, over the years they have been key in getting some of our large projects off the ground due to the need for a lot of people we can’t provide. All we ask is a full days activities from 10am – 4pm and we will happily join any needed marketing activities, while some of the bigger corporations have even invited us to do a presentation for their employees who loved being introduced to some of our animals. These days are arranged on a ad hoc basis so if you have a team who can provide us with a day please email the details to…     [email protected]

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